Our family's miracle was in July 2008.  My sister had gone to a tire shop and her baby ran by a tire it had a rim and it was very heavy, the tire fell and crushed her skull. She was life flighted to a childrens hospital 5 hrs from our hometown. When she arrived, the Drs. didn't give her a good prognosis, her head had swollen we couldn't even see her nose,  So we began to pray we all held vigils around her bed and prayed nonstop all that night the next day the Drs said her swelling went down a lot and they couldn't believe what they were seeing but she wasn't out of the woods yet we stayed by her bed and prayed and asked GOD to spare her. They said they didn't think she would have a normal life but we knew GOD was going to heal her by the 7th day she started to get better and the Drs. Couldn't believe she had survived the accident but she is slowly getting better she is starting to talk again and she  has come a long way ....but she still has a long way to go so after you read this story PLEASE stop and say a lil prayer for Shandiian. GOD bless you !!!!
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