The Wind Stopped
By: Anonymous

For several weeks Iíve been on crutches due to a hip injury.  At first I needed and received a lot of help, but now Iím on my own.  This Tuesday was the first day I had to set my garbage on the curb for pick up since Iíve been using the crutches.  Knowing it would be a challenge, I listened to the weather forecast Monday night to hear what I might be up against in the morning.  Because my physical build is very slight, I was a bit concerned to hear that the wind speed was expected to be very high, with gusts up to 35-40 miles per hour.  I went to God in prayer and asked that he send someone to help me in the morning.  I sometimes see people walking down the street early in the morning and I thought, if I time it just right, whoever would pass by would be willing to carry the bag from my closed-in porch to the curb.  I awaked Tuesday morning to the sound of very high winds rattling the windows of my house and whipping around outside.  My prayer for help continued as I gathered what needed to be discarded.  When I reached the front door, I looked up and down the street and saw no oneóit was deserted.  The tree limbs and utility wires were swinging, stray stuff was swirling, and the sound of the wind was fierce.  Lord, give me strength so I donít lose my balance and get blown over and injury myself further.  Help me stay steady on this crutch (I could only use one because the garbage bag was in the other hand). Lord, itís just you and me.  Then I opened the door that would normally fly out of my hand on a windy day.  The door stayed put.  Down the steps, out to the curb, back up the sidewalk, up the steps and onto my porch safely.  The wind was absolutely raging all around me to the left, to the right--all around.  Things were blowing, I could hear the howling of the wind, BUT I FELT NOTHING.  Not one breeze or slightest amount of wind touched me, or even came close to me, the entire time I was outdoors.  Now this might not sound as profound to you as the Red Sea dividing, or the sun standing still, but it is every bit as much of a miracle to me.  Definitely a supernatural experience!  God sent someone to help me after all.

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