Heaven is Real
By: Inspired by God

This is a bitter sweet wonderful story about my beloved cutest mother who had a stroke in november 2007 and was hospitalized. My mom was a fine lady, pure loving person, a religious. My mom and my dad raised all 6 children in a very religious environment-love of God. We are a very close knit family. When my mom was in the hospital her condition was unstable. It was a miracle that she survived the stroke. We even thought she was not going to survive because her vital signs were very erratic and almost zero. We prayed so hard for her to survive, even the doctors and nurses were surprise that she made it. I know my mom loves her family so much that she REFUSED to die... As far as I can remember she always sacrifices for her family. Actually I counted about 20 or more miracles about my mom. I'm going tell 2 miracles here.  First miracle, my mom's unbelievable survival in the ER. Her very strong spirit, total belief in God and strong will to live and to still spend time as long as she can for her children. I know her unusual willpower and belief in God, she prays all the time. I think that's what made her recover from the verge of death. Miracle 2, my Mom has proven that "Heaven is Real".  I'll be telling the story, leading to this conclusion of mine. One day while I was visiting my Mom at the hospital, she suddenly remembered something. She became so excited, her eyes were lighting up and she said that she already went to heaven. I tried to humor her, because I thought that she was dreaming.   I said jokingly, "So, Mom how is heaven?".  My mom could not talk properly but when she told her story, she was articulate and very clear about the details. My mom answered with excitement, "Oh it was so bright up there.  I saw your dad." (My dad died 40 years ago). Then she continued talking with great enthusiasm, "It's so wonderful.  We walked around up there". Then I asked her, "So how does Dad look".   She answered,  "He looks young".   I said, "Tell me more, Mom".  She said, "After we walked around, your dad brought me to a big door.  You know heaven looks like a big church".  Based from my mom's story, I suddenly realized that her story was familiar to the books and articles that I had read about near death experiences.   I also noticed the description of her story has been told over and over again in movies and short stories.  Mom never read any books or articles similar to this. She lived her whole life raising her 6 children in the urban areas of the Province in the Philippines, with no radio or T.V. So it was a miracle that she came up with that story.   I strongly believed that her soul went to heaven.  She said that she went twice to heaven. She was almost in the dying stage, but she recovered for one more year, then she passed away October 1st, 2008. This is just two of the 20 or more miracles that I will be telling in the future and I hope that will touch the heart of people who believe in Almighty God. 

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