I Was Lost
By: babygrlbabyboy@hotmail.com
I was going to a house for a meeting. I didn't know where it was located so I asked my husband if he could write me the directions. So he did. When the time came, I got the directions, I went and I ended up in the weirdest place? No road, no people, no houses? I was getting worried. My cellphone was dead, I had my really old car that was not in good condition and I had kids at home. I started to cry asking God for help. So I decided to drive around a little bit maybe I would find some help.  I saw a store. I asked this young lady how to go to the place I was going, she told me where to go,  I ended up lost again. No people, no stores, houses, nothing. I saw this car driving so I asked the man. He told me different directions so I went where he told me. I still didn't end up anywhere. Then I saw this black car coming up to me. He put his window down so he could talk to me. I couldn't see his eyes only his nose and down. He asked me, you're lost. He told me where to go and I did what he told me to. I was starting to go 3 seconds after. I remembered that I forgot to say thank you.  I looked at my mirror to see if I could still say thank you. But the car disappeared. I looked everywhere but he was nowhere. I went to the meeting late of course but I made it. I went back home safely. Then I wondered who was that man, how did he disappear? Was it God? I believe that God could go into anybody's body so people wouldn't know it's Him. So maybe that's what he did right after I asked him for help or maybe it was just a kind man blessed from God?

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