Miracle Son
By: b2cconstruction@yahoo.com

When I was six months pregnant, my husband and I went to do an ultrasound and found out that our baby boy might be born with vision loss, mental retardation and seizure. My midwife even told me that this is not a healthy pregnancy and that the baby is not going to live when he is born. I was so depressed after the news. I don't know what to do so I began to pray every day and ask so many online prayer chain to keep me in their prayers. I have read so many miracles stories from this website and other websites it has encourage me a lot. I put all my faith in the hand of god and through out my pregnancy god has showed me in so many ways that everything is going to be okay. I ask god to heal this baby that I'm carrying and I promised god that if he heal this baby I will testify his name and his love for me. So finally on june1st 2011 labor came and the baby come out crying. He was the most beautiful baby ever I was so happy to hear his voice cause that tells me that he is ok. So the next day the doctors did test on him and can not find anything wrong with the baby. He is so healthy so smart and his vision is perfect thanks to the lord our father in heaven. I named him Criston meaning the follower of Jesus chirst. Let's praise our God the one who created heaven and earth!!! Amen

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