Three Little Angels
By: Anonymous
I was 8 months pregnant with my first child.  Everything was going great.  Being my first pregnancy I didn't know what to expect.  Shortly after Christmas, I just didn't feel that something was quite right because my baby wasn't moving like it usually did (we wanted our baby's gender to be a surprise).  I had my regular check up and everything was fine.  I did mention to my Dr. my concerns, but

he said not to worry, that the bigger the baby gets, the less room there is.  OK - made sense to me, but I still felt something wasn't quite right.  A week after the phone call to my Dr., I had my regular weekly visit.  As usual, he started to try for the heartbeat, however, after several tries, none was to be found.  He told me not to worry, he would do an ultrasound because sometimes at this stage in pregnancy it's hard to find a heartbeat.  A feeling I cannot describe came over me - I know my precious baby was gone.  I just knew it.  As the ultrasound technician proceeded, I could see her eyes tear up.  I knew what my babies heartbeat looked like on the ultrasound after seeing it several times.

The angels had already come to take his little soul to Heaven 2 weeks before, when I knew something just wasn't quite right.  On January 6, 1997, one month shy of his actual due date, Joseph Patrick was born.  He was the most beautiful baby!! I held him for as long as I could.  My grief was overwhelming.

I so desperately wanted to get pregnant again, not to replace my loss, but for a child to love.  Not once after God took my baby did I ever get angry at Him.  In August of the same year, I found out I was expecting twins!!!!!!!!  What a joy that was!!!  My sons are 6 years old now.  They know they have a brother in Heaven that watches over them and Mommy.  God has a plan  - my son is watching over us for some divine reason.

God Blessed me, he truly did!!!  Three little angels!!!!

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