Give Our Lord a Chance

My Mircacle is, when I was lying in bed praying to god I had my bed covers over my face, and it was about 2-3am the curtains were closed and there was no lights in my room.  As I was praying I began to see a bright light, it was like a blur but neon bright and it kept changing shape and colour. I got up out of bed thinking it was the street lamp or something in my room, but when I got up nothing was shining or blinking, so I lay back down on my bed and put the covers over my face. The light returned this time I stared at it for around 5-10minutes and it kept changing colour, intill it just became bright white, then this image of a women, or angel came and she was very pale and pretty she had dark hair, she wasn't frowning but had a small smile. I looked at that with my eyes closed for a few seconds and became scared so I got up turned my light on very quickly, looked around and now I was slightly blinded, and could't see for the next 10minutes.  My vision came back, but still to this day I can't explain what happed that night but I know it was the lord, showing himself to me.
If you have no hope or faith in the lord, just try to give him a chance because he is there. 

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