Glory to God

I have been smoking since I was nine years old and will be 50 this year. I also became an alcoholic upon the passing of my mother in 1996. I recently became aware of the fact that if I kept 

going at the pace I was going, I wouldn’t last much longer. My husband also a smoker and drinker was facing the same dilemma  as I. We both are avid believers in the Lord and his miracle

workings. We said a prayer one day asking the Lord to deliver us from our inequities so that we could be good stewards for him and his works.

It will be one month on May 10th of no smoking or drinking after quitting cold turkey. There has been no withdrawals what so ever in my 40 years of smoking  and I give all the glory to GOD

for loving me enough to give me a chance at a new life.  It even seems the aging of my body from the smoking and drinking is disappearing and a more youthful me is appearing.

My husband and I have begun working out together and we read the word two times a day. I am truly thankful of my Lord and Savior for his mercies.

Thank you Lord for giving your only begotten son for a wretch like me.    

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