My Miracle
This is my third time coming into this website. The funny thing is that just after the second time of reading the different stories, I had a miracle of my own. I work late at night and travel an hour to get home. On this particular night, I was 10 minutes from home when a dog crossed into the path of my car. I reacted and swerved to the next lane to avoid the dog, but a second dog was in the other lane. I swerved again and lost control of my car. I think I might of screamed and saw flashes of my life go by. My car went into a spin and I was very sure that I was either going to be seriously injured or dead since I was on a road where the speed limit is 60 miles and I was traveling at 55 miles an hour. Suddenly, I felt at ease and unafraid. Even though my car continued to spin a few more times, not once that I jerk around. The car finally came to a stop a few inches from a deep ditch and facing the wrong way on the road. Miraculously, I came out of it without a scratch and my car was perfectly okay also. I seriously believe GOD protected me and gave me a chance to make it home to my six year-old daughter. I try not to take life for granted anymore. I feel I've been given a second chance at life. 
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