Marian Miracle
By:  Anonymous

This is the story of a little Marian miracle.  John was a poor medical intern, engaged to be married to the love of his life, a beautiful girl named Rosemary.  He knew that she was devoted to the Blessed Mother.  He wanted to buy something to give her on their wedding day and his father suggested that he visit “Mr. Monk” at a local jewelry store.  John picked out a gold chain and a gold Miraculous Medal of the Blessed Mother, mounted in a larger circular golden frame and had the frame inscribed on the back September 24, 1960, the day that he and Rosemary were to be married, and added the words: “Love, John.”

Many years later they went to Australia and then went out to visit a place called Dunk Island in the Great Barrier Reef.  They were stunned to see endless miles of enormous magnificent beaches.  The day was warm, beautiful, and refreshing.  Endless waves, kissed by the sun, tossed sparkling diamonds in showers of spray as they curled and crashed on the beach.  The scene was inviting and Rosemary and John plunged into the invigorating Pacific, blessed by their good fortune.

Much to John’s despair, Rosemary told him later in the day as they were preparing to leave that she had lost the Miraculous Medal somewhere on the beach.  When they looked down the beach its enormity now seemed ominous.  How in heaven’s name would they ever possibly find such a small but precious treasure?  They walked miles down the beach, hoping for a miracle.  Their sense of despair increased since they had been looking a LONG time over a VAST stretch of beach (which they had walked earlier).  Their prayers to find this medal had become increasingly desperate.  John spotted a glint out of the corner of his eye.  Something in the distance sparkled in the wet sand left by a retreating wave.  He rushed over to the spot.  There was the glint of a tiny link of a golden chain.  He reached down and plucked it out of the sand.  Believe it or not he pulled the remainder of the golden chain and the “Miraculous Medal” from where it had been buried in the sand.  Since the odds of finding this medal had become so low, John and Rosemary now consider it literally to be a “Miraculous Medal.”

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