Pulled From the Edge
By: Anonymous

I have had many miracles occur in my life but this is one is one of the most significant. It was June 30 2003 and I was in the midst of a mental illness. I was suffering from a breakdown and anxiety disorder which I had battled before in my life. I told my husband that I would go to my mum and dads place to stay the night as I felt I needed my childhood comforts to help me. When I got to my parentís place I lay down on the bed in the spare room. My mind was fuzzy and distorted I felt despair and like not myself. I remember my brother had been on some medication and that he had placed the medication in the fridge, I knew that it was strong medication so I hatched a plan to end my life by taking the medication. That night my parentís were invited to the neighbors house for a coffee a regular outing for them. I urged my mother to go and that I would be alright, my father had already departed. But she refused, no matter how much I reassured her I was okay she did not budge which was unusual . Then out of the blue my mother went to her wardrobe and pulled out a ceramic plate, she said..look what Mrs Munn gave me today, her neighbor who was a christian lady, on it was a gold print of the 23rd Psalm. I read it and then I truly knew that god was watching me and that he was not going to allow me to take my life. After that night I made a truly remarkable and quick recovery, within 8 weeks I went from total despair and sickness to health and feeling whole again without any medication. I am forever thankful to god he truly loves, cares and heals, believe in him. I still have the plate my mother gave it to me.

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