Miracles Boys
By: alanwolf@shaw.ca
 I have 3 sons. Each one has a different stories. The oldest one day while at a church camp the kids were playing on the beach. Suddenly we noticed that our boy was not there. We got up and started looking. My wife began to panic. I looked out across the water but could not see him. I started to walk at an angle into the water continuing to look for him. When I was about waist deep (about the boys height at that time) I stopped and continued to look around for him. I said a prayer looking up for a moment as to receive an answer from the heavens above. Then looked straight down into the water and there he was looking straight up at me. He had stepped into a hole and was just standing there looking up. He was well over his head. I reached down and got his hand as he reached up. Pulling him up he smiled at me. As I hugged him I asked him what had happened. He told me he had stepped into the hole and couldn't seem to get out. But he wasn't scared because he prayed and knew God cared and that his father would come for him.

This boy later had his continual problem with ear infections healed and now plays guitar at a local church.

The second boy had his cord around his neck when he was born. He was blue and didn't even cry when born. The nurses took him away. But there had been a shift change of nurses during the long delivery. A nurse I knew from a local church had come in. Initially when I talked to her my wife in her ordeal could have "canned" me as I talked to this nurse on the other side of my wife. But when the boy was taken away we then held hands and prayed. The others nurses then came back with the boy and said he was "hopefully" ok. This boy whom should have been some what "slow" is what could be described as "quick" witty, Yes even quick to dart out across a street when not expected. Had to almost tie him down on a leash. 

The youngest boy when he was born had a large external "cist" on the bottom of spine (tail bone) which even had fluids coming out of it. The Dr's told us that he likely would never be able to walk. I had been praying about the problem and I looked at the Dr and said "You don't even know what is going to happen in your own life tomorrow. I am going to believe that this boy will "walk". The boy started crawling earlier than the other boys. Then when just 1yr old he started running and has like "forest Gump" never stopped. He plays soccer, basketball, football on high school teams. He can shoot a basket from a very long distant while jumping to gain height. He now has our first grandson with a high school girl friend who he married. Has completed college with a degree and support his wife and child. All from a child that the DR's told us wouldn't walk.

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