My Miracle Story

This happened when I was two years old, and
since too young to
remember, my mother told me
what happened on that miraculous day.

When I was two years old, I was very sick.
The doctors didn't know exactly
what was wrong with me, but they told
my parents to be prepared for a
diagnosis of leukemia.  They scheduled an
appoitment with a specialist at a
children's hospital several
hours away for the next morning.

That night, my mom was holding me and praying.
All of a sudden, my eyes got
bright and I pointed to the wall.
 "Look mommy!  There's Jesus!" I said.
She looked at the wall, but saw nothing.
I kept insisting that I saw Jesus
until she agreed with me to humor me.

The next morning we went to the
 appoitment and more tests were done.  The
doctors were quite perplexed
when they told my parents,
 "There is absolutely nothing wrong with this child!"

My mom told them what I had said to
 her the night before, and they said due
to the previous tests showing that
 I was very ill, it had to be a miracle.

My family tells me that Jesus appeared
to me because He has something
special planned for me.
I am 22 years old now, and am not sure if it has
happened yet, but I married a wonderful man
and we have a beautiful 16 month old son.
Maybe this is what He had planned for me.

I get the chills and cry every time I tell my
story because I wish I could
remember my meeting with Jesus,
and thank him for saving me.

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