My Son
My son who is 31 yrs old, was helping me work in my garage, he has been blind in his right since birth,
I have prayed from time to time that God would let him be able to see out of his eye.

last week Jan 18- 04 we were working on a small bathroom,
my son stood on a plastic bucket one of two which both were different heights,
there was an electric wire hanging from the ceiling still enclosed in the insulated jacket, the only thing exposed was a very small copper wire sticking out of the end of the wire,

as he reached up to hold a piece of 2x4 on the ceiling, the wire touched his eye sending an electric shock thru his eye and thru his head.
he stepped down holding his eye,
I asked him what happened and he told me he had been shocked, we didn't know the light switch was on at the time.
he sat down for a few minutes holding his eye, and said that he had seen a bright light, he has never had any light in his eye at all since birth,
after removing his hand from his eye he said the light was bright in his blind eye,
then he began to see colors, with great excitement he told me to hold up some fingers, I held up three, then five and so on, he then got up after being disoriented for about five minutes and began walking around the room going around
objects on the floor where we were working, with his hand over his good eye,
he began naming different tools laying around on the floor,
there's a pipe, there's a wrench,
he now can read headlines in the paper and for the first time can understand what it like to know distant with both eyes,
he said there was something in his eye, when I looked, there was a small hole down in the bottom of his right eye where the wire had touch it,

It was about the size of a metal coat hanger with a small inward hole.
He rubbed his eye a little bit and I looked at it again, and I found a small piece of brown skin like material floating in the corner, I raked it out and discovered that the hole was gone.

His eye was healed, he can still see and his vision is getting better every day.

This was a prayer answered.

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