By: Anonymous

I was 1989 in the summer time And my granddad was sick he had a heart attack  And he passed away. I didnít know until my auntie told me  I went mad and started to give out to god saying why did you have to take him why why 
I cried all day till I fell asleep Then I heard a vices calling me  I was still asleep and I got up went to the stairs and there he was At the bottom of the stairs He said donít give out to god I was talking to him He's  nice all the love he gives you 
I said Granddad I miss you  I wonít  see you on sat for the rest of my life He said Iím with you all the time 
I'll see you soon  Tell your dad I saw him crying in the car tell him a hold his hand And I love him Then he told me go to bed I have to meet your grandmother  For a dances then he said love is all around love you and I said love you to 
And then he was gone I told my father the next day and he cried and give me a hug 
(so all the love you take with you and god is always there listening to us thanks god for one more night with my granddad)

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