A True Miracle
By: ajiotal@aol.com

I was at a gas station buying gas and the girl-cashier gave me an extra
$20. I thought about it for a second " should i give this back" with
out any more hesitation I gave the $20 back. She thanked me and I left.
I felt really good about what i had done. I never thought that I was
going to get a blessing for what I had done.

2 Days later I went to the car shop to get new tires and to get my gas
tank cleaned out. When I told the manager what I needed and I explained
to him I was low in cash so I only needed 1 tire he sayed to me " well
I will give you a free tire, free oil change and free windshield
wipers. "all I want you to do it to log on to our company website and
give me a compliment. I thought wow thats all he wants! Then it hit me
"i gave the $20 back" god is so good and if we are truthful to others
he will bless us in ways unimaginable.

My aunt was sold a free coputer by accident and the girl who sold it to
her lost her job. My aunts life has been kinda rocky. She lost her new
job and due to her being sick (lupus flared) she had to take off of her
job for 30 days. 30 days has passed and the job hasn't called her back
to come back into work.

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