Three Miracles

When I was living in Hawaii studying as a pre-med major to become a doctor, God called me to attend a private Bible College in California.  I pray for confirmation which is to receive a financial aid package that day and it came.  So, I started to tell everyone that even though I have no money to pay for tuition, if it is Godís will, he will rain money down into my room.  So, I applied to the Bible College and was accepted as a music major.  I went to the college without knowing where my meals and tuition would come from but I truly trusted in the Lordís provision.  I applied for a grant and was accepted and it help pay for some of the tuition.  But, here is the miracle Ė out of the blue, my financial aid specialist called me into the office and said ďKim, I donít know how it happened, but you were granted a Cal grant which will cover all of the rest of the tuition plus room and board.  We donít know who did it but since they gave it to you, we will not take it away from you.Ē  There it was, money rain from heaven like I believe wholehearted before I have no money whatsoever. I still donít know who put in the application for me  to this day. Praise the Lord.
Second miracle Ė I was a steep and two stories roof inspection specialist for a major insurance company.  One day, I had my harness on and was on the top of my roof while my partner was on the ground.  I finished inspecting one side of the roof and gathered up the rope (about 100 feet long and very heave for my size since I was only 4í11) so I can throw it down to my partner to get ready to inspect the other side.  Little do I know that the momentum of my throwing the rope and the steepness of the roof gathered up enough strength to pull me along with it.  I was so scared at that time because I have no way of stopping the momentum and it was going fast.  Suddenly, I felt someone pushed me back to the chimney and was secured there until my partner can get to the rope.  I was held tight onto the chimney by Godís hand or an angel of the Lord until the rope stop pulling.  Praise God that Iím still alive today.
Third miracle Ė Again, I was preparing to inspect a steep roof with my partner.  I climbed up the ladder first and since it had been raining awhile ago, the roof was very slippery.  I got to the top of the ladder and had one foot on the roof and was giving my other foot a push to gain momentum so I can walk up the steep roof.  But the foot slipped and I started to slide.   The next thing I knew I was back safely on the ladder like I never left.  My partner down below watching the whole thing in horror asked me ďhow did you do that?  How did you get back on the ladder like that?Ē  He could not believe it.  But I knew it was the angel of the Lord putting me back on the ladder so I will not fall off the steep roof.  Praise the Lord again for his protection.

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