I was 29 years old and married for 8 years, I had been trying to have a baby.  One night in 1999 I was in extreme pain.  No matter how many painkillers I took or what I did the pain did not subside.  I asked my husband to take me to the hospital.  I was admitted and put on an iv drip, the next morning when the gynaecologist saw me, she rushed me to theatre for an emergency operation as an ovarian cyst had burst and was bleeding into the ovary causing the ovary to be 10x its normal size.  When I discovered that my ovary was removed I was very emotional and cried inconsolably as I so much wanted a baby.  That night while I lay alone in my hospital bed a nurse by the name of Jenny told me not to cry and gave me a bible, I remember reading a scripture in the Bible that said “Glorify God, you will have a son”  I do not remember the scripture or verse but it was so very real.  I thanked God and fell asleep, in the morning I asked for Jenny and  was told that they did not have a Jenny on duty, I still remember how she looked.  Well I thanked God for Jenny who took care of me and for the Bible that she gave me, which was also nowhere to be found.  In 2001 I discovered that I was pregnant, contrary to doctors telling me that I will not be able to conceive naturally.  In 2002 I gave birth to a normal healthy baby boy and Sister Jenny was at the hospital teaching me to nurse my baby!  God most definitely have us protected and covered.

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