My Miracle Story
My Aunt and my Uncle used to drink and party and had youngens. My uncle began working out of state and my aunt was getting to the point that she was going to leave him. She could not handle him not being home with her and the children. Then one day they decided to get him back surgery because he was having problems with his back. Unfortunately the doctors messed up and cut something wrong in his back this made him start to have seizures and very serious problems. He had to be transferred to several different hospitals. No matter what the doctors did, nothing worked. He was now unable to work. My aunt was on her own trying to support the family.  It was very hard for them to buy food and they had a couple of bad Christmases. Then they began attending church and getting right with the Lord. His condition is not getting better yet but he is receiving checks and they are now rebuilding their house and having great Christmases. I have a feeling maybe one day he will get better. But maybe this is what it took for them to get right with the Lord and stay together.

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