I was  born perfectly normal but at the very early age of 10 days old, something was very  wrong. I just could not stop crying this painful cry!  When she spoke to the doctor, she explained that it was not a cry of being spoiled but one of pain! At that point, the doctor in those days came to the house and told my parents to go straight to the hospital immediately! Now I was running a fever! When my parent's got to the hospital the doctor met us there! I was given a shot of Sulfur. I was placed in isolation because they did not know what was wrong.
Finally, the verdict came in and my parent's were told that I had Menningitis! Now it was not just Menningitis but the rarest form!!
They told my parent's to pray that I die! Thank God they fought for me!! The doctor went on and explained to them that if I lived that I would not see, hear, or anything, I would just lay in a fetal position of no use in life!!!
My parent's turned to the doctor and told him no!  We will pray for a miracle!!!!!
I sit here and 45 years later only by the grace and Love of the Almighty God of the Universe am able to share with you that is just what we got!!! I am written down in the Medical journal just as that. "A Medical Miracle!!" Man said no, but God said Yes!!!!!
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