Gods Glory From the Start
By: Wandy2178@aol.com

My husband and I married in August of 2005. That was the month that he wanted. We did the celebration in April 2006. That was the month that I wanted. We were both trying to save money for the celebration. I was not able to save because I had bills to pay. My husband was not able to because he had bills, loans and rent to pay. Still we scheduled a date. I was able to purchase the things that were at a small price range, but not everything. To top it all off, we had went to a fasting at my husbands father's church. A received news that I would become pregnant. I did not understand how because I was taking contraceptives. Later in January I received news that I was. I was excited yet scared because our finances were not enough to bring a child into this world and we also had the celebration. I was stressed. One night, I was crying and told the Lord God. Father why would you permit that I get pregnant knowing our financial situation. Suddenly I hear the words to a song saying to me "Our God is an awesome God he reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and love our God is an awesome God". I cried even more. God used my dad to lend us money for the wedding celebration. That it self was a miracle because my father is hard when it comes to lending money. I was glad. The celebration took place! After that I was stressing again. How are we going to pay my father back?! In the month of May my husband receives in the mail a statement saying he will receive 6,000.00 in the mail for a company he worked for. We were happy but that was the exact amount we owed my father. Who is going to do the baby shower or get things for the baby?! No one offered to help. June arrives and my husband received the check. 17,000.00. Wow! God does know exactly what He is doing. I am forever grateful for the things that the Lord God has done, from beginning to end. He showed me that He has everything under control. The Lord God still continues to bless our home and still continues to show His glory! May this testimony be of inspiration to others.
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