The Accident

On July 10,2004 I had a wreck in my new car I had only for a few weeks. I was on my way home from work on a four lane when something happened that caused me to lose control of my car. (Which I later found out was the first seizure I had.) The car crossed over the median onto the other side of the highway. Went down a ditch-line and hit a concrete coverage, crossed another road, and finally landing on a hill. The car traveled a total distance of  1,920 ft. at full speed, out of control, and going air-born twice! !  I know God had to be watching over me that night! !
 A week later I met the man who witnessed the wreck. (He happened to be a tow truck driver.) He couldn't figure out how I didn't hit him or the man on the motorcycle. This is a VERY busy highway! !
 I know that God and His angel's had to be watching over me and guiding the car that night, because if He hadn't, the accident would have been a lot worse. Or fatal. I walked away from the car without any injuries, other than a bruise on my neck from the seatbelt.
 I just wanted to share what having God in your life will do. He sends His angels to protect you. (Psalms 91:10-11.) I thank God for watching over me and protecting me that night. And having control of my car when I couldn't. Without His angel's having charge of my car that night I may not be able to tell you this story. I hope this story has touched someone's life.


I had my first MRI for the seizures about a month ago, it showed a spot. The neurologist didn't know if it was a scar or a tumor. I had everyone I know praying and fasting for me. The MRI  I had this past Tuesday, showed nothing. If it had been a scar, it would have been there still. And so would a tumor. The doctor was amazed. I believe on the past appointment between those two times, when the MRI machine was broken, that God was taking care of that spot. That was why the machine was broken. I have gone from 3-4 really bad seizures a week to maybe one mild seizure a week. I believe if everyone continues to pray, the seizures will also stop.

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