My Miracle Story

When I was 18 years old, I had been drinking quite heavily and I decided to take a trip to California from Las Vegas to visit my friends for the weekend. My parents were out of town, in Arizona. I don't remember a whole lot except that I was told that I was traveling at speeds of excess of 100mph. A car with 2 men and 2 women followed me, knowing something would eventually happen to me. Their exit was Barstow and just before that exit, I blacked out and lost control of the car. I remember a total peace and quiet as I flew in the air and rolled the car 5 times. I ended up in the back seat and unable to open the door. I heard a voice saying he was coming and this very large man yanked the crumpled door open and pulled me out. I was told by the women and the police about my speeding and that if I did have a seatbelt on, I would have been beheaded. (This was a very rare situation. I believe in the seatbelt law.) I walked away with slight injuries. I should not have survived that accident that night. God directed those people to help me even though I was wrong. He also saw to it that no one else got hurt for my stupidity. God was with me then and has been with me ever since, 22 years later.

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