My Miracle Story

I've lost my son 5 years ago due to cancer, he was 10 when he died. A few days before his anniversary my surviving daughter was complaining of pain on her leg, we took her to the doctor, numerous test were done on her, finally we were devastated to find that the medical team believed she had bone cancer.  (They told us on the day of my son's death anniversary).  Words cannot explained the devastation we felt , the fear of loosing another child to cancer ,and how unfair we felt everything was.  I try to gather strength for my daughter but it was much more than I could bear.  Family and friends were very supportive.  My daughter was so scared since she saw her brother underwent chemotherapy, loosing his hair, etc., and she was told all of this would happen to her.  She ask us I'm going to die like my brother? To make the story short. I prayed with all my heart, but still had doubts (I prayed so hard for my son and still lost him) One day when I was sleeping I heard a voice that said: do not worry, everything is going to be all right, I felt so much peace and truly believed it.  I told my husband we do not have to worry that everything will be all right.  The day before her first schedule chemotherapy I received the visit from the Oncologist at my place of work to tell me that my child has been misdiagnosed and that she does not have bone cancer.  I kissed him and hugged him and went home to my family and my daughter.  I know I just witness a miracle.  We saw the mass on my child's leg and I assure you that it looked like cancer, I believed my son, my sweet angel was looking out for his sister and took care of everything, was him who told me to stop worrying that everything was going to be fine.

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