My Miracle Story


About five years ago, my family was going through an extremely difficult time.  My husband was having trouble at work and the children were having trouble at school.  This was an unhappy household.  I tried to the best of my ability, get over this rough spot to no avail.  One night, it was quite late, I couldn't sleep.  I was up roaming through the house trying to think of something that would alleviate my family's anguish.  I asked God to help me.  I asked Him to please help with this situation that had us all down. I suddenly got an idea of writing little sayings and leaving them in a highly visible spot in the house that would serve as an inspiration for the family.  I had about 15 of these sayings that flooded into my mind.  I knew it was God that had given me that idea. I thanked Him as I jotted them down and went to bed.
The next day, I was going to put that idea into service.  I looked at my first saying and was attempting to write it on the paper when I just couldn't.  I have had MS for nearly 15 years and it affected my writing hand.  I haven't been able to write in nearly 10 years.  I couldn't even hold the pen in my hand.  I was so discouraged.
I said to God, " This was your idea.  You do the writing."
I again took the pen and held it to the paper.  I began writing this beautiful script. I felt no pressure on my hand as if it were being guided. I couldn't even feel the pen in my hand.  Remember the MS?  I was holding the pen though and I was writing.  It was awesome.
I taped the paper to the entry way so the family could see it when they came home.  Everyone asked who wrote it and my reply to them was God.
It worked!  Everyday I would write a new saying and the family was so looking forward to seeing the paper hanging there.  Everyone got back on track and things began running more smoothly again.
After I had exhausted the initial 15 sayings, I decided that since the family liked it so well, I would just continue with it.  I made up one of my own and was attempting to write it down but I just couldn't.  I couldn't even hold the pen.  It was over.  It was done.
God had answered my prayer made on that night.  He gave me the idea and He wrote the sayings.  I wrote with the Hand of God.

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