My Miracle Story

When I was two years old, I was playing outside with a neighbor boy much older in age.  As we jumped off the swingset to play in the sand box he began to become enraged and hit me in the temple with a wooden croquet mallet.  At that time I was rendered unconscious and virtually lifeless.  In a hurried rush, my Mother and uncle rushed me down the block to the doctor's house where an ambulance was waiting.  I proceeded to go into convulsions one after another. After checking me at the hospital the doctors told my mother they weren't sure if I would live or die or if any permanent damage had been done. Even after being released from the hospital, I continued with what is called severe Grand mal seizures. I also had to wear thick glasses, because my eye muscles were damaged. I was constantly in the hospital all alone and very scared. Any time I could find a preacher or a priest to come to my room, I would have them read from the Bible and say lots of prayers for all the kids. I WOULD ALWAYS MAKE MY ROUNDS TO THE OTHER PATIENTS AND TRY TO MAKE THEM SMILE.
I was always being overdosed because they could not control the seizures and felt I would not live very long if this continued.  I would have one seizure after another followed by severe headaches and loss of balance. They thought for sure I would be a vegetable. God told me  I had to be prayed for three times and then I would receive my healing. At the same time I had to be anointed. The third time was when I was eight years old. A few days after the third anointing, I was getting ready for bed, as I walked into my grandma's bedroom I saw a man standing at the end of the bed then he changed.  I knew then he was not good. He was the devil himself, but what did he want?  I was scared and even screamed for several minutes, but no one heard me. Then, instead of running, I walked toward him yelling for Jesus and climbed into bed. I begged for Jesus to come down and hold my hand. He disappeared the minute I started calling for Jesus. The next morning when I awoke, my grandma told me my hand was in the air all night and she could not put it down, as if someone were holding it. It did not drop to my side until I awoke in the morning.
A few days later, I went for test and they could not find any signs of ever having a seizure. And a year later I stopped wearing glasses. This miracle was from God and he has given me many others and I am sure many more await me. WE are all tested and we all receive miracles, some great some small, but all miraculous.


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