My Miracle Story

       When I was 19 I had my first episode of manic depression. I inherited it from my mom who was hospitalized most of her life.  I was close to graduation from high school and my dad had to put me in the county mental hospital.
One day the staff took us on our afternoon outing. We got to talk with the men and socialize outside sitting on blankets that we brought from the ward.

When we were walking back, one of the really disturbed older woman threw her blanket over a bird. I am an animal lover and I screamed thinking the bird would die.
I ran. The staff grabbed me as if I was running away and locked me in the dormitory by myself. This was the worst time of my life at the time. I went on my bed and held a new testament and an old testament both of which my mother had given me.
I have no doubt that I did not imagine this.  A bright light came thru the window and the words in the bibles were floating.  With this light came a feeling so strong of God's presence.  There were no words, but I felt this strong feeling that I can't explain
that God told me everything would be all right and this would not be my destiny.  After that day, I got better and better.  I got out of the hospital and I always knew no matter how hard things got on earth, that God would come thru for me.

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