My Miracle Story
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I wasn't born at the time, but I have heard this story told many times. One day, my mom and my 3 year old brother were at my grandmother's house. My grandmother was and still is, one of the most religious people I have ever known. Well, my grandmother and my mom were sitting in the living room talking, when all of a sudden they heard my brother choking. My brother had swallowed a marble. His face was totally blue, and he had stopped moving. My mother went crazy. She had called 911, but they weren't going to get there in time. My mom had tried everything in her power to get him to spit that marble out, but it all was in vain. Then all of a sudden, my grandmother took him in her arms, held him up towards the ceiling, and said "Lord, he's in Your Hands." All of a sudden, he started moving again, and he spit the marble out. Everything was ok after that. This was truly a miracle.

Spartanburg, SC

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