A True Miracle
By: Jlg19566@aol.com

When I was in the 5th grade, my father was at home when he got a call informing him that a tornado had  blown a tree across the highway blocking the entire highway.  My father was with the state police.  He'd asked me if I would go with him.  I said sure.  5 miles outside our small town, we arrived at the fallen tree to discover that my uncle who had borrowed our family car, had struck the tree.  Amazingly, minimal damage had been done, my uncle was OK.  A crew had came and cleared one side of the highway.  My father asked me to go along because a fallen tree was no big deal.  To his surprise, several calls came in that he had to respond to and he had no choice but to take me along.  The first call he had responded to was just down the highway. A car had been blown off the highway into the woods. The car was torn to pieces.  Unfortunatly two men were thrown from the car. Their bodies were fifty yards apart, they were dead. This was the first time I had ever seen anything that horrorfing. I don't remember step by step all that had happened that night, but I remember going to a house in the country-(rural area)-or what had been a house.We'd pulled into the driveway and got out, we walked up to a pick-up truck, a man was lying on his back in the bed of the truck. The man was very bloody, taking only short gasps of air, my father and a couple of other of men were looking at him and I learned from hearing them talk that this was called rythmic breathing. The man was dying.  Ambulances were busy that night and the man was going to die there was nothing that could be done. There was talk about who else could have been in the house. Maybe there was a baby. With car lights and flashlights we started to search for a baby in a pile of ruble.  A pile four feet high of boards that were broken, bent, twisted, and splintered, nails and sharp metal were sticking out everywhere.  Walking on top of a wall that was intact on top of the pile my father heard a faint cry.  He instructed several men to lift the wall and told me to crawl underneath and look for the baby.  I crawled to the center and found a baby lying in a small hole in the debris as if to perfectly preserve the baby. He was unharmed, touched by nothing.

As an adult, I can look back and Know it Was the Hand of GOD.

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