My granddaughter was born Oct 11,1998 when she was 2 months old my daughter-in-law went to get her up one morning and she laid there in her crib,cold,blue and barely breathing. They rushed her to the hospital and by then she had stopped breathing. They ran all kinds of test on her and found out that she had a viral infection(caused by the hepatitis shot that she had 2 weeks prior) She was in the hospital from the start of Dec until February. This infection that she had strikes every 100,000 child. Since she had stopped breathing there was some brain damage. She is almost a year old.  Even though she can't sit up by herself or move her arms or legs like she should, she is alive. That alone is a miracle. They said that they are not sure now of the damage but she goes to therapy twice a week and is coming along fine. When she first took ill everyone prayed day and nite for her  and one nite while I was praying I felt this peace come over me and someone was telling me that she was going to be just fine. I will continue to pray for her and I refuse to give up my faith that I have in God  that she will never walk or talk. Because in my heart I believe that God will watch over her always. She is truly our miracle baby.
                                       From a grandmother who loves her grandchildren.

An update on Stasia Rose
 She will be 17 months old the 11th of this month she is doing much better, she is beginning to smile ,makes these little noises and is now sleeping in a youth bed. As far as the brain damage they are not sure as to the extent because since she was so young when she took ill there is a possible chance that she might out-grow some of it since the brain is now growing. I have never given up faith in God that she would be okay and even if though she is not sitting up alone or walking or crawling this does not make a difference because the love I have for her will conquer all. In my heart she will always be very special because she truly is my miracle baby and my love for her grows stronger by the day. Again thank you for caring enough to read my story.
   An Update
April 24, 2000

I am sending you information on my grand daughter Stasia I hope that I am not being a pest but I thought you might like to know what is going on with her.
Sometime in May she has to go in for surgery for her hip since her legs are very stiff each time she tries to move the hip bone is coming out of place and the Drs. said that there is a possibility that the bone will come through the skin if she does not have this surgery. What they will be doing is cutting the tendons so that the legs can move freely. I thought that since you were so very kind to listen to my stories in the past you would like to know how things are going.
All I ask is that you say a small prayer for her that the surgery will relieve some of the pain that she is having. I have faith in God that she is going to get through this if she made it before she will make it again with God by her side.
May God Bless you and your family.    Rose      A grandmother who loves her grand children so very much.     Again, thank you

An Update

May 15, 2000

Stasia had her surgery Monday [May15, 2000] it went very well the Drs. were very pleased, they operated on both legs. She has to wear soft braces but they come off at night while she is sleeping and my son has to place a pillow between her legs. They told me that the incision is very small I told my son that the most important thing is that maybe someday she will be able to walk. I have faith in God and I know deep down in my heart that someday she will put out her hands and walk to me, That is my only wish in life to see her walk and be able to play with her brother and the other children. She is home in fact she came home the same day she had surgery because everything went so well.
I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to me and caring and also your prayers. God Bless you and your family. Again thank you.

An Update

July 16, 2001

 Stasia will be starting school in Sept. She will be attending the school for the blind She is not totally blind, she is able to see shadows a little. The best part is she can coo,smile and when she is placed on her side, she is able to roll over by herself. She can move her arms/legs more freely now. My family was here the weekend past and i was able to see all this for myself. I just want to say thank you for keeping her in your prayers. I believe in my heart that prayer is the most powerful force on this earth. As long as we have faith in God anything is possible and faith is something i will always hold on to.
My son/daughter-in-law also got her a wheelchair since she is getting too big to carry around.
Thanks to the Make-a-wish foundation they are getting ready to take Stasia to Disney World. While they are there she will be going into the water with the dolphins i told my son to please send me pictures  God Bless you .

An Update
       October 21, 2002
Here is a up-date on Stasia she turned 4 years old the 11th of this month and is doing very well in school and she is now eating solid foods. She is even able to sit up without her head falling to one side. She still needs some support though. But all in all it's a miracle she is alive and doing well...She goes to school every morning at 8am and she is there until 2pm. I am just so very happy that she is doing well.

An Update
October 18, 2003

I just wanted to update you on Stasia she turned 5 years old on the 11th of this month and she is doing very well especially in school. She goes to Western Pennsylvania School for blind children.She leaves at 7am and returns @ 3pm. They pick her up in the van the wheelchair goes right in the van.
She no longer uses the feeding tube she is fed by mouth. She loves music. It's a miracle to see how well she is doing since they were told when she first became ill that she would not live long. But I know in my heart that God had plans for her and it was to remain with us for a very long time.

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