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My father passed away in September 1999 and I took it really hard. There were so many things we left unsaid but I knew Daddy died in peace and I had forgiven him. You see, when I was little, my Dad had been severe and abusive to my brother and me.  He later found God and I truly believe he regretted how he had treated my brother and me. I tried to find peace after his death and often prayed for guidence. I believe in God but I rarely go to church. I pray everyday but my religion is private. One day, I was sitting outside and I prayed and said to my father, "I wonder if you're in heaven now  or in the grave or where, I wish you could tell me".  The next day, my oldest son, my fathers favorite, had surgery and while he was asleep, my father talked to him.  My son called to say he had talked to Papa.  I simply thought it was the medicine talking until he  told me what Dad had said, "Phil, you will be alright, we're not ready for you and tell your Mama ,Penny is alright and here with me".  My son said who is Penny , Mom?  I cried, because you see Penny was my beloved dog as a child and my son didn't know that, so I know my Dad is in heaven and he truly earned his wings.

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