My Miracle Story
Two years ago I was watching a talk show; the guests were authors of a book on how to communicate with your angels. The authors made several suggestions on how we could go about making contact with our angels. At the time, I had no real religious convictions and thought the whole idea was silly. Nevertheless, two days later, I found myself laying in bed and thinking about the show. I remembered how the authors suggested that you should ask your angel for his/her name. I closed my eyes and started talking out loud, feeling stupid and silly and also scared. I kept imagining that a loud voice might come thundering down at me. I waited and I did not hear anything; but for some reason the name Daniel popped into my head. I found the name to be strange because I did not know anyone by the name. In any event, I got tired and discarded the whole thing as silly and went for a nap.
The next day I went to run some errands and upon my return found two messages on my recorder. One from my husband, and one that said "Hi, it's me Daniel. Call me."
There was a phone number left on the message, but at the time I discarded the phone call as a wrong number.
It wasn't until that evening that I remembered the association with the message and the name that popped into my head. I remembered the authors suggesting that once you asked your angels for his/her name, to stay alert for any strange coincidences.
This for me was as clear as it could be.
From that moment on, I began to read books on angels and meditation. I began to keep a journal and would meditate everyday. As I read more, I would want to learn more; I would sit and write in my journal and I would then close my eyes and let my angel Daniel answer.
I remember one particular incident that really had an impact on me. There was a huge hurricane in the Caribbean; I think it was Mitchell. My mother was visiting with me here in the East and was very upset at the predictions of the hurricane as it neared the island of PR. The hurricane was at category 4 heading to PR, expected to reach category 5 on land fall.
I remember asking my angel to please bless my mother's home that was made out of panels and not cement. I remember going to sleep that night and closing my eyes and feeling a moderate weight on my body; almost like heavy air. I then felt a soft wind in my ear and I heard my angel tell me not to worry; that the hurricane would hit the island but that he would blow it over my mother's house; I remember feeling the wind as he told me that he would blow and I actually felt my hair move.
I cannot tell you how scared I was but I remembered that the angels were GOD's messengers and that they could not hurt me.
Several days went by before we heard from anyone on the island. Reports on the news showed massive devastation and reports that the Island had been heavily damaged. There was no way to communicate; the phone lines were down. About 10 days later, we heard from a relative. The report was that PR had been severely hit, losing most of its trees and electric poles. Many houses were gone but the town where my Mom lived had been spared with the exception of minor damages. It was the words of my aunt that really hit home. She said that it was almost like the hurricane went over their town that reminded me of the message my angel delivered.

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