My Miracle Story

Hi! This is Juan Garcia from Mission Tx., and on a Thursday before my grandmothers death my thirteen year old cousin, Annette was in school during lunch.  Suddenly, she said that everything went bright white and that my grandmother was way back in that bright light and that she was surrounded by many people. My grandma was advising my cousin to help her , to let her go. She said she was suffering stuck in that hospital bed and that she needed to leave already, that it was her time. After that ,the light disappeared. The next day my dad and uncles decided to sign papers with doctors to take away her artificial respiratory valve lines. She died that day. My uncles and dad didn't know about what had happened with my cousin.  Annette went ahead and told them; they were very surprised, and believed her.
 Also, I swear to God that before my grandmother died , I think it was about two weeks before. She had told my mother that she had seen a lot of doctors dressed in white surrounding her and that at the end of the bed , there was a very tall, blond, blue eyed angel. She said it had enormous wings and that the feathers from the wings fluttered with the air from the sealing fan. She said that the angel was about ten feet tall and that he just stared at her. Isn't that incredible?  There is somebody out there waiting for us. Thank you for your time and reading my small article.

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