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                    My daughter who is 39 years old just had a baby a year
                       ago last August.She had been trying to have a baby for
   several years. She had many pregnancy's
                              that ended in miscarriage.She had one live birth of a little girl
at five months who only lived four days.
                    She had preemie birth weight and also toxemia from
                          her mother and was too small to fight the low birth weight
  and infection.  So she went back to God.
            Then my daughter and her husband went though
many artificial inseminations to no avail.
Finally she gave up.
            They had just bought a new home and decided to
                               put all there time and effort into fixing it up like they wanted.
           She along with her husband hung wall board,
                landscaped the yard with my daughter helping to
carry rail road ties.
                 She dug ditches for drainage, painted walls and the
            list went on and on.  She had a catch in her
                          shoulder and decided to go to the doctor to have it check.
                   Before the Doctor would give her a shot to calm the
                   angry muscels and tendons he did a pregnancy check.
Low and behold she was pregnant.
                   She went through a perfect pregnancy and gave birth
                     to a perfectly beautiful baby girl on Aug the 24 1998 .
She was truly given a miracle,
           and this miracle was well implanted before
       God even let her know she was pregnant.
                           This pregnancy went as good as the others had gone bad.
                      We all give thanks to God for this life.


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