My Miracle Story

It wasn't too long ago, that my Mom and I were beginning to feel miserable.
We lived in a nice neighborhood, I had a nice school, and wonderful family. But something was missing. Something was missing in our lives. We began to feel depressed, and miserable like never before. I would come home crying I was so depressed. I didn't have many friends, and believe it or not, was still trying to fit in!
I began to hate my school, my life. Everyday was the same. Wake up, go to school, come home, and sit around. We needed a life. We needed a new life. A change. My Aunt had come a long way to come a visit all the way from MO. She visited for a while, and we decided to go back up to Salisbury, where my Grandmom, and other Aunt lived, so she could spend some time with them also, before it was time for her to go. I decided to go also when she went down, so I could spend some more time with her before she left. I thought it would be good to get out for a while too. So as we arrived I was having the best time! We all spent lots of time together. My Grandmom, aunts and cousins. My Aunt and I were spending some time together also. We would watch some movies, and we would all go out to eat. It was lovely. To see all of them again! A few days later, we were at my Grandmother's house. I was just sitting outside, with my Aunt, and we talked for a while. I was thinking, while sitting there, "I wonder what it would be like. To start over. Completely. Financially, just everything. A new life." I later called my Mom, who didn't come along. I called her back at home to tell her of my idea. And I was so excited, and proud of my great idea, and whatever she said, I wouldn't listen. I would tell her how great it would be until she finally gave in. I called her, excited with so much happiness in my voice. This was like in the longest time, that I've felt so wonderful. She was surprised at my idea.
     When I returned home, and it was time for all of us to say our goodbye's,
we talked more about it. She was cool with the idea, and wanted this too. I was so happy. We were going to move!!!
          There was great concern with most things. Where would she work? This is one of the best job's she has ever had! The first time we have actually owned a home, and now we were going to move. I felt great pain, and confusion, but then again, much excitement. I had totally lost my patience. My Mom started to search for a new job, but was very frustrated. She kept thinking she would never find a job. My Uncle had worked for a very nice man, and was his bookkeeper, and helped him with the restaurant book keeping. My Mom had applied for the job.
She was so overwhelmed, and excited when she got the call that she got the job.
He was very much impressed with her resume.
    Later, at the same time, My other Uncle, who lives here where we were going to move, his friend's house was for rent. We were sent pictures. It was beautiful!!!
A small single home. A small fireplace. Very beautiful inside and out! It was amazing. All of this. All of this was actually happening.
    Weeks later we moved in and she started her new job. I started my new school.
It was very awkward at first. A lot has happened since then. It is now the second Month we've been here.
           I just am so thankful things turned out perfectly. Everything just fell right into place. The reason I am sharing this wonderful story with you is because I want to tell you to always have hope. God as surly helped us along the way, and if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be here. He obviously thought this was a great idea. He obviously pushed us toward here. If I hadn't of gone with my Aunt when she was here to come back here and visit, I wouldn't even have thought about it, and we wouldn't be here right now. Wasn't this such a coincidence how my Mom had gotten the exact same job My Uncle Bill once had, and the same exact office,
a couple of years after he had past away? And how that house was just available right then? I surly believe Uncle Bill was watching out for us, and so was God and his Angels.

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