My Miracle Story

My aunt, could not have a baby for some reason or another.  My uncle then had a dream, the dream was very unusual, he ignored it, and did not tell my aunt;

The Dream

     An angle told my uncle to get my aunt baptized,
     and she would be able to have a baby.

My uncle thought this nonsense, and ignored it.  But he kept having this same dream, over and over again, so one day he told my aunt, and she thought about it.  My uncle then arranged for my aunt to be baptized.

A few months later, my aunt discovered that indeed that she was pregnant, but off course they were not sure weather the baby would survive.
But the days went by, then weeks, then months, my aunt then got really exited, but my aunt went into laborer about two months before she she was due.
The baby was born, but it was premichure,  the baby was a boy, he had to be put in a baby ward in an incubator, he was in there
for a few weeks!

But he survived! He's alive and well, he's now at the age of '4'.   He is in primary and he is extreemly spoilt!  But all the same his family love him!

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