My Miracle Story

by: Anonymous

I was kneeling at Mass just after receiving the Holy Eucharist.  I was thanking God for everything He has done for me.  I never remember to thank Him for everything, like the air we breathe. I have a tendency to take those things for granted.  As I was thanking Him, I felt a warm sensation enter my chest.  It started in the center and radiated up and out.  It was such a nice comforting feeling, I never wanted it to end. I knew the next part of the Mass, I had to stand to say the prayers but I didn't want to.  The feeling began subsiding until finally it left.  I stood and recited my prayers.
I have never felt closer to God than at that minute.  I felt as if I were truly communing with Him and the feeling He gave me was a "thank you" for me thanking Him.  My heart was filled with God's Love.  That is something that I will always remember.

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