My Miracle Story


My 21 yr old son works at a steel company, where they pull orders and load very heavy pipes.  To load and unload this pipes they use 8 ton forklifts,one man driving it, and the other man riding in the "rigger" seat, using them around the steel yard.  One day, Scott slipped when he was jumping onto the rigger seat and fell to the pavement. One of these forklifts backed over his ankle.  He said he didn't feel any pain, and got up to get back in the rigger seat, but realized he was hurt when his ankle went out from under him when he tried to stand.

In the emergency room, they took x-rays, but said they were unable to tell if any bones were broken, due to the excessive amount of swelling of his ankle. They sent him home, asking him to return in 3 days, and they would check it again.

Well... he did, and when they re-xrayed his ankle, they found that no bones at all were broken! I truly believe that my son was protected by the hand of God, from an 8 ton forklift.  And I am truly grateful!

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