Big Waves
By: Anonymous

When I was about 7 or 8 my family and I went on our summer vacation to panama. we were walking out on the beach and I noticed the waves were a little bigger then they should be. Of course being my size and my age I didn't think anything about it. My mom and I decided to go out into the ocean for a little wave jumping. My dad and my sister wanted to stay on the beach and build a sand castle. So, me and my mother got into the ocean. We started having a very good time. Jumping the waves as they came by. It was so much fun. I remember jumping a wave, as I was holding my moms hand, and seeing in the distance a humongous wave. I got very excited, because I liked jumping big waves. As the wave came toward us I jumped. but I didn't come back down. The wave picked me and my mom up, and drug us under the sand and out into the ocean a little ways. I can remember having my moms hand at one point and then all the sudden not having it anymore. I cant even describe how scared I was. after a minute or two someone grabbed me and pulled me up out of the waters. I looked up and saw my dads face, boy was I happy to see him. I remember looking for my mom to see if she was okay. She was fine, my dad had just gotten her out of the water too. I remember my mom saying thank you Jesus. and I thought to myself, Thank you Jesus. My dad and God saved my life that day. And I will always think of those two people as my heroes.
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