Thank you for your site:)  When I was 19 and newly married my husband Michael and I were told I had premalignant Cancer of my Cervix and was scheduled for a surgical  procedure.  My husband and I were both members of the Air Force so the Surgery was not a surgical suggestion but an order.   But just had no peace about it so Michael finally called his Dad who in turn called his Senator.  The very next day Michael was called before the General over the hospital and told the surgery was canceled and I would be flown out to germany for a second opinion the next day.  When I got to Germany all my test came back clear I no longer had any disease on my cervix.  A few weeks later after being told I would probably never conceive I learned I was pregnant, I also learned that if I had gone ahead with the procedure it would have caused me to lose my precious daughter who is now about to be married.
Remember Our God is in the detail as well as the big picture and we can trust him in every aspect of our life.


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