A Warning
By: rosemarie337@aol.com

I have had so many unexplained incidents happen to me that clearly shows that God's presence is every where in our lives to  protect and provide for us. Sometimes, he comes in the form of Jesus, angels, or his holy spirit. In this story, I believe that this entity was God's spirit sent to protect me.

A long time ago, when I was around 28 years, and had just migrated to the U.S.  Something happened to me that, to this day, baffles me and at the same time, overwhelms me with how merciful God is to us. I was a very naive person at that time because I had been brought up in a sheltered home and hardly had any experience with men. All my life until that time, I had been living with my parents and sisters in a small caribbean island in the West Indies. Anyway, one day, I was walking in Brooklyn, New York, when a car with a stranger stopped to give me a ride and innocent and naive as I was at that time, accepted the ride and got into the car with the stranger. You must understand that at that time I had no concept that I was doing something dangerous. I thought the stranger was very kind to give me the ride.

During the ride, we talked a little and the stranger told me he was a Jamaican and that he was also married to a Jamaician. I was so foolish and trusting at the time, I gave him my phone number and told him where I lived. The next day, he called me and when I told him I was about to go to a nearby Cuny College to register for classes, (I was planning to do a bachelor's degree in education), he said he would come to my house to pick me up and give me a ride there. This he did. Before immigrating to America, I had become a born again Christian,  but at that time, I was not faithful to God. I had not been practicing God's laws or teachings. I was doing my own thing.

After that ride to school, I thought about the guy but knew it would be wrong to have an affair with him because he was married. We had not dated or even slept together since we had only just met. Looking back now, I don't know whether any of these things would have happened, but I would never know because God put a stop to it immediately. This is how it happened:

Not long after (maybe a few days), something strange took place. I had gone to bed and was in a deep sleep when suddenly, I awoke with a strange feeling that I should not have anything to do with this guy. No words were spoken. I just had a powerful impression or thought that enveloped me. I looked at the clock. It was around 2am. Then, I fell back asleep.

The next day, I didn't think much about what had happened and continued my daily routine. I had not seen or spoken to the guy during that time. However, the next night, I awoke around the same time, about 2am with the same feeling, only this time it was much stonger, more powerful and much more ominous. This ominous feeling was so strong that it felt like a warning, a foreboding and a deep premonition. I felt (again no words),  the same impression that I needed to stay away from this guy. This time it felt that if I ever had a relationship with him that something bad (a tragedy) would happen to me.  What made this even more astonishing was the fact that after that night, I never heard from this guy or ever saw him again. I also never had that experience again. Though I have had a few relationships after that, never have I gotten such a warning about any other man in my life. I believe that the holy spirit not only kept me away from him, but also kept him away from me. Maybe, God knows I would have been too weak to resist him.

I will never forget how God protected me from this predator whose evil plans for me was foiled because God protects his own. I believe that when you give your heart to the Lord, even when you stray, he still, like the good shepherd that he is, comes looking for you to take you to safety.

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