God Protected Me
From a Rapist
By: rosemarie337@aol.com

I thought I had finished writing my stories, but the Lord reminded me of an incident that I think I'm supposed to share. Maybe, this incident is just for 1 person, maybe more. Maybe, someone had a similar experience and is not sure if it was the power of God that protected them. I'm here to say, it is just that.
When I was in my late teens or early twenties, I went on a date with someone I didn't know very well. We went to a club. The date went well. We departed the club at a reasonable hour. However, at the end of the date, when I was about to get out the car to go to my house, the man wouldn't let me leave. He was tucking at me in an attempt to rape me. I was very frightened. Here I was alone with this guy whom I didn't know very well. My terror was real. I don't think I even thought about praying at the time. But, Just when I thought this monster would have his way with me, a friend of mine appeared next to the car ( the car was parked on a street below my house) I would have to walk up a short distance, maybe about 50 ft. to get to my house.  I can't remember her exact words to me that night but she told me words to this effect- that she had been so worried about me, that something told her to go look for me. She said she couldn't sleep. Something kept telling her that all wasn't well with me. She felt compelled to leave her house( which was only a short distance from where I lived), and find me.
The incident may have occured anytime from around 12am- 2am.  I was so happy and so grateful to see her. The man was astonished and so was I. I quickly got out the car and told her what had happened . To this day, I can't remember if I had told her that I was going out on the date , all I know is that the Holy Spirit warned her that I was in danger and to come and get me.
What a wonderful God we serve. God bless

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