A Healing Presence
By: rosemarie337@aol.com

When my nephew  was just 5 years old, ( about twenty eight years ago), he came from the U.S. to visit his family (grandparents and aunts) in Grenada, West Indies. I am his aunt.  From day 1, we loved him. He used to like to dance to the Jackson's songs, especially, "I'll be there" and he was a good dancer too.
Every night, or sometimes during the day, I would read him stories about Jesus from a book of bible stories which told about the many miracles Jesus performed on earth. Sometimes, when I was finished reading, he would say to me, "Aunt Rose, tell me more about Jesus". so excited he was to listen to these stories. It seems he couldn't get enough. We were so crazy about him that we asked his mother if he could stay with us for a few years. She said "No".
When the day arrived for him to go back to the States. We were all heartbroken. When we arrived at the airport, my nephew grabbed on to my legs and started crying, "Aunt Rose, please don't send me back, I don't want to go". The tears were streaming down from both our eyes and I felt like someone was ripping my heart out. It was so painful. But, he returned to the States that day. After that incident, I would cry all the time with sadness and grief for him. I longed so much for him to be back with us. Then one night, I was lying on my bed thinking about him when I felt a strong presence of him in the room. The presence was so real and strong that I immediately called out his name. I can't describe the peace, joy and happiness that this presence filled me with. I can't remember how long the presence lasted , maybe a few seconds, maybe a few minutes, but long enough to take away my grief and pain. Then suddenly, I felt the presence leave the room. I can't explain how I knew when it left but it felt like it drifted out the window on a breeze. It's not something that I can describe. After the presence left, I was filled with a satisfying peace and contentment, and after that night, the pain and grief over his loss disappeared. I know I had experienced the sweet presence of God, his angel or Jesus. They had come to take away my pain and heartbreak.

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