An Aussie Encounter

In Jan 2010, I decided to go for a walk and pray for something that was on my heart. I was praying for my brother Jake for nearly 2 weeks. He was getting into wicked things like drugs and alchohole. 
I walked out past the main town of Merbein in Victoria. I went along a dirt road that i was familuar with. It was about 1km. 
I started to pray in tounges and i prayed about things but then got an erge to pray for my brother Jake. So i prayed for him a bit, but then i started to remember that i had authority over satin! So i started to comand the spirt in jake that stoped him and made him do the awfull things he was doing. All of a sudden i started to weep and cry dramaticly and pray out loud to God. after about 4min of praise, I was screaming to the spirit to leave jake. I was screaming out to God as well to take control of his life.
I knew that it was an Encounter with the holy spirit. Encounters can happen anywere. Even if you live in the bush ;) 

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