Again these stories remind me of events. How many times when I was driving I would have been in a serious accident or stranded in a mtn snow storm, Montreal's famous "ice storm" etc had not miraculous event not happened. 

Like the time I fell a sleep the air conditioning had not been working a hot summer day in the U.S and suddenly something woke we up. As if some one had put their hand on my shoulder and shook me just in time to pull back on the hwy before hitting a vehicle that had stopped on the shoulder of the interstate.
I even stopped and looked in the bunk of the truck to see if some one there.

Or of sliding on "black ice" to within inches of going off a steep mtn cliff.  Or slowing down before a curve only to find an accident on the other side already.  
Yes one time as a passenger on a bus. What should have been a serious accident with an oncoming big rig semi trucks. Saying a prayer and later when mentioning to the bus driver. He wanted my name and address in case there was an investigation.  Later when on the saem hwy there were skid marks all over the road. But somehow no accident.

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