My Mother
By: Susan


In 2004, before my mother passed away with cancer. i asked her to send me a sign that she will be all right. That is not possible, she replied. I said that it was possible. She told me not to cry when she passes away. How is that possible, I asked. I love my mom so much and constantly prayed to God to help me through this, because I felt that I would become very depressed.
I normally required at least the minimum 10 hours of sleep to function per day, as I am quite anemic. During the last three days of my mother's life, I did not sleep at all. I spent holding her, while she was withering away. The night of her death, before I went to sleep, I thanked God for giving me so much energy. All of a sudden, I felt a bolt of energy leaving my body, all at once. I callapsed on my bed and felt lifeless, as if I were dead. Then after a few minutes, I felt a jolt of energy fill my body.
I belive, God was trying to show me how much He was supporting me and without Him, there is no way I could have handled it alone. 
Later on the same evening, I woke up at 3am in the morning and spoke out loud to my mother, telling her that she did not show me a sign.  Then when I went back to sleep, I saw 2 huge, black doors, open up to a dark bluish, black sky, filled with 10'0's of stars.
Then, my vision zoomed into two particular stars that were a little bigger than the rest.
Once I could see what it was, I was so filled with joy. It was my mother kneeling with her head bowed, towards, Christ. Christ was looking at my mother. He had a halo around his head.
They were both pure, bright lights. I was so happy that I jumped out of that dreamlike vision with excitement.
God exists, 100%. We are here on earth to lend a helping hand to those who need it. We are to love one another and God.  

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