Baking Bread

Years ago, I think I might have been in my late teens or early twenties, I can't exactly recall, I decided to bake some bread. It was very late- about 2am. During that period of my life I lived with my father and sister in our house. However, at the time I was baking the bread they were both asleep in their rooms. 
After I made the bread, I was beginning to feel sleepy and tired so I put the bread in the oven which had been preheated, and went to bed. As, I was going to bed, I said "Lord, please don't let the bread burn". I don't even think I took the pray seriously.
Sometime later, I believe it may have been 3.30am- 4am, I felt as if someone had woken me up. I rushed to the kitcken expecting to smell smoke and retrieve burnt bread from the oven. But, to my surprise, shock, fear and utter amazement, I  opened the oven door to find that inside the oven, all the bread were perfectly baked- browned exactly alike. Those on the top rack of the oven as well as those on the bottom rack. Normally, The bread on the top rack usually baked faster than those on the bottom rack so for it to bake evenly, I usually had to change the bread by moving those on the first rack to the second rack and visa versa. The other thing is,  the oven was not on the off position but yet there was no flame inside and no smell of gas. For a few minutes, I couldn't move. I was instantly struck with the magnitude of the power of God. I just wispered "Lord, how great thou art. Thank you". 
When I left the kitcken, I called to my sister from the hallway opposite her bedroom so that she could wake up.  She did.Then, I moved down the hallway and called to my father.  He also awoke. I then asked whether any one of them had touched the oven. They both said that they had been asleep and had not gone to the kichen. I knew that if they had interfered with the oven they would have put the oven on the off position.  Like me, they were just as amazed and shocked at the whole incident. 
To this day,  I have not forgotten this incident and tell it to anyone who would listen becauseI believe that it was a great miracle; I believe that the house could have burned down if God or his angels had not intervened. That is to show that God watches over us and hear our every cry though matter great or small. He's the great Alpha and Omega, the great I AM. There is nothing too great for God to do. I hope that by reading my story, you will be blesssed and your faith in God and his mighty power will be increased. Blessed be his name forever and ever.
Thank you for printing this story. I know it will be used to glorify God. 

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