Vicki and Her Great Grandparents
My daughter and I were sitting in the dining room, watching her 1 1/2 year old daughter play on the living room carpet.   Vicki was so cute, with her chubby legs and curly blonde hair.  There was a large desk in the room, and Vicki was just able to climb under the opening in the desk and sit, as if she were in a dollhouse.   I had placed a picture of my Mom and Dad, who had both passed on, on the top of the desk.  Vicki had never met her great-grandparents.  Suddenly, she jumped up from under the desk, hitting her head.  She turned and looked at the picture of my parents, and pointed.
I don't know why, but I asked her "Vicki, do you know who those people are?"  She shook her head "Yes".   "Where do you know them?" I asked.
Vicki looked at the picture again, and then turned and looked at her mother and I.  She pointed her finger upward and said "Up there."

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