My Miracle

My mother, my sister, her 3 yr old son, & I were on our way home from the grocery store when we came off the exit to a bridge the muffler on my car got wedged between the tire & tire wall.   Stuck on the worst part of this bridge we were worried a car would not see us until it was too late.  My sister & mother got out as I got into the back seat with my nephew.  A few moments later a car pulled up in front of mine.  I noticed a man but all I could see was from his upper torso down & in one hand I noticed a rosary! I was kind of surprised to see this.  This man walked over to my mother & sister, took a look at the situation, gave the muffler one good kick & it was fixed. I never had a problem with that muffler again, it seemed he fixed the loud noise it always made as well!!
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