God Planned It
By: caelodonnell-@hotmail.com
It was about 3 in the afternoon. my Mum, sister and I were shopping in a town we didn't know. we were only there for a weekend. Anyway, we walked in the shop and started to browse. Before long, a police officer walked in and asked for the person who has the registration number PEP848. We walked over to the man and said that's us!! he said that we didn't pay our parking ticket??? "WHAT" mum asks. In the town we were staying, apparently you had to pay in the machines. but we were out of town and we had no idea. So the man still gave us the fine, and said we needed to go to the council to pay it. We didn't even know were the council was.... :P So we just walked up the street and found a taxi. A woman driver was sitting in there and looked out her window to see us there. " hello there" mum says " were is the council.." before she could finish, the taxi's phone rang and on the other end was this amazing peaceful voice. " may i please have a taxi sent to the council" the woman asks. The taxi lady's face was priceless and said that we can get in for a free ride there =). the funny thing is that no body was there that needed a taxi. I know that God saw that we were in trouble so he sent just a little help ;) maybe u shouldn't expect so much from him because u might receive much more! :D god bless. 

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